Tourisme et séjours à Eyguières
Tourisme, séjours et loisirs dans les Alpilles à Eyguières
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We are delighted to welcome you to Eyguières, a typical Provençal village, lulled by the melodious song of the cicadas and the fresh and clear music of its fountains.

Lying at the east end of the massif, Eyguières is the natural gateway to the Alpilles.It boasts the highest summit, the Tour des Opies, at an altitude of 498 meters. From there, you are rewarded by a dazzling panoramic view: to the south, the amazingly white pebbles scattered over the Crau plain; to the north, the river Durance nourishing a many variety of trees including olive, cypresse and almond; to the east, the lavender fields of the Lubéron fill the air with their enchanting perfume, and to the west, the Princes of Baux-de Provence, whose arrogant coat-of-arms is adorned with a sparkling star, keep watch over the romantic and peaceful Alpilles Hills.

Eyguières, proud of its history, is glad to welcome you in the name of its 5000 residents.


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